Dedicated to excellence

Each member of the Pure Logic team has been trained to supply top-tier professional service. We stay current with new advancements in technologies and products to provide our clients with the best possible solutions from beginning to end.


Quality electrical services


New Construction

Pure Logic specializes in electrical service installation in custom residential new home and cottage construction. Our attention to detail has made the company a top choice for builders and contractors in the District of Muskoka. We coordinate with clients to determine scope of work, budget, and schedule to ensure all expectations are being managed and met. Additions and alterations are a fact of life during a build. Our team is equipped to accommodate evolving site conditions with a straightforward change order management process.


Lighting Design and Installation

We offer extensive experience in lighting layout, product selection, and installation. Lighting design requires many considerations. Ambient, accent, or task lighting reflects the anticipated use of spaces by its occupants. Pure Logic assists in simplifying the complexity of lighting spaces to create a plan that achieves the optimum balance between style and function. Our knowledge also extends beyond interior lighting requirements. We provide exterior and landscape lighting solutions that dramatically improve the beauty and security of properties.


Backup Generators

Our professional home generator installation ensures the safety of property and belongings in the event of an unexpected power outage. In consultation with clients and contractors, the Pure Logic team assesses backup power requirements for homes or cottages. We install reliable Cummins brand generators. Known as a world leader in power generation equipment, Cummins generators are a durable and hassle-free solution for emergency standby power. Remote online monitoring is also available.


Home Automation

The integration of a home or cottage automation system by our expert electricians ensures greater levels of convenience, efficiency, comfort, and security. Connecting devices together using Control4 and Sonos systems, our clients enjoy the ease of managing multiple building operations from a smartphone or tablet. Use of home automation has proven to assist with the reduction of energy bills. As well, property security is increased by giving owners the ability to monitor and set security sensors, cameras, and lighting remotely.


Providing Timely Results

We understand the importance of project scheduling, especially on a busy construction site. Our dedicated teams of electrical service professionals are organized and equipped to handle on-site conditions, both planned and as they evolve.

5 stars

“As an Electrical Engineer with almost 40 years of commercial and industrial experience, I am very particular about who works on my home. The Pure Logic guys showed up prepared and well equipped, knew the code rules inside and out (better than me actually), did quality work quickly and efficiently, and left me with no worries about the quality of the installation. 100% recommended.”

— Anthony Hill